PolyCraft Printing provides professional 3D printing services
for product designers, interior designers, architects, design engineers, artists,
jewellery designers, creatives… and everyone else with an interest in this amazing technology!


Precision Printing

Our 3D printer produces high quality resin prints with exceptionally fine detail for accurate models with complex parts. These prints are being used for functional products and consumer response testing, as well as for creating one-off prototypes providing a cost effective way of manufacturing components in short runs.


Our prints are produced at 16, 28 and 36 micron layers. 16 microns is the same as 0.016 of a millimetre. Printing at 16 micron layers is suitable for producing fine details. 28 microns is suitable for most models. 36 microns is suitable for producing larger models and initial designs in draft quality.


As for size, our largest printable size is 300mm x 200mm x 150mm; a good visual example is that we can print a life-size human skull. Bear in mind that protruding parts less than 1mm will be fragile and tiny details under 0.2mm will not be visible.


Our materials are resin based, creating 3D Printed objects from a base of photosensitive polymer liquid. This liquid is solidified by UV light, layer by layer, to create rigid and highly detailed prints which are comparable to injection-moulded plastics.

Our resin prints are perfect for ornamental objects, but they can also be used for more mechanical uses. Resin is often used by large companies when prototyping new designs and can also be used for creating end products. Though everyone from beginning designers to experienced professionals can also benefit from the great liberty in design this material offers. Resin is suitable for making large volumes with small details.





Post Process

What is 3D printing?

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is the process of making three dimensional solid objects in any shape, in very fine detail, from a two dimensional drawing. In other words, a real object is printed from a two dimensional design.

The 3D printing process creates objects by laying down consecutive layers of material. Each of these layers can be seen as thinly sliced horizontal cross sections.

Essential to our service is clear communication, a fast 1-2 day turnaround and a desire to help you achieve success.

Essential to our service is clear communication, a fast 1-2 day
turnaround and a desire to help you achieve success.