Irongiant3D provides professional 3D printing services
for Product Designers and Design Engineers, Architects and Interior Designers,
Artists and Sculptors, Jewellery Designers and Creatives

Product Designers

Design is already forever changed. At PolyCraft Printing we can produce an endless amount of different formats of your design by printing prototypes. This allows you to create models that would normally be difficult, costly or time intensive when using traditional methods of manufacturing. When a product has a limited market, it may be profitable but not worth the expensive tooling. 3D printing is ideal. Instead of spending money on tooling, your business can make a few 3D printed products to test the market, allowing you to show potential clients a physical 3D printed model of your design that they can see and touch.

Work and photography by Malgorzata Mozolewska


It’s hard to visualise how your design will look on a 2D render. Architectural designs, drawings, and computer-generated renderings give limited perspective.  PolyCraft Printing offers architects the chance to improve design time, while retaining fine details of the final architectural plan. 3D printing a model is a fast, efficient and a cost effective way to communicate your idea in a new and interesting way.


At PolyCraft Printing we create high quality prints, bringing your 3D CAD designs into real functioning 3D models.

You can print small quantities of your prototypes to test with the look and feel of your finished parts.

Artists & Sculptors

The creative process of 3D printing art is unfathomable, the possibilities endless. Today’s modern artist can reproduce infinitely by using 3D printing.

When you have created your digital model or had your work scanned, we can print it using our high definition, resin printer which will capture each and every detail. From this, you are able to make a mould. We work with many artists and sculptors who 3D print a master of their work in this way, then use this to cast their sculptures in a variety of metals.

Bison by Kevin Box & Robert J Lang photography by Nadia Singleton


Jewellery Designers

3D printing jewellery is sparking excitement amongst jewellery designers. The advantages are clear, like quick product development and producing items on-demand.

Independent designers are now able to bring their designs to fruition without having to invest a lot of money first, and can experiment with shapes and complex structures.

Work and photography by Kuntee Sirikrai


Creatives are a community of high-tech tinkerers, amazing makers and inspiring inventors, all capturing the imagination of many would-be designers.

Self-taught designers are seeing business opportunities by unleashing their creativity; inventors can now see an easy way to bring their designs and inventions to life and to demonstrate them to the world.

Essential to our service is clear communication, a fast 1-2 day turnaround and a desire to help you achieve success.

Essential to our service is clear communication, a fast 1-2 day
turnaround and a desire to help you achieve success.