Our materials are resin based, creating 3D printed objects from a base of photosensitive polymer liquid.

Resin prints are perfect for ornamental objects, but are also great for more mechanical uses. Resin is often used by large companies when prototyping new designs, but can also be used for creating end products. Everyone from beginners to experienced design professionals can also benefit from the great design flexibility this material offers. Resin is suitable for making large volumes with intricate details.

Specialist materials

These materials cannot be ordered through our automated system as they are for more specialised applications and are quoted on a client by client basis. Please contact us if you require these materials.

Rigur RGD450 – our ‘regular’ material

Rigur offers advanced mechanical properties that closely simulate polypropylene end use parts.

Rigur is an excellent solution for flexible packaging containers and applications requiring high toughness. It is ideal for customers looking for a bright white material capable of producing accurate and dimensionally stable parts that are ideal for fit and assembly applications. This material has excellent flexibility, durability and robustness.

Ideal for electronic packaging applications, PCB enclosures, LCD display panels, and push button controls. Additionally this material performs well when used to create living hinges and snap-fits for food packaging, bottles, and containers.

VeroClear RDG810

VeroClear is a rigid, nearly colourless material, featuring high dimensional stability for general purpose, fine detail model building, and visual simulation of transparent thermoplastics such as PMMA.

Ideal for (among others) glass, eye-wear, lighting covers, visualisation of liquid flow, artistic and exhibition modelling, and medical applications.

Flexible – Tango Black FLX973 and Tango Grey FLX950

Our flexible material is used for a range of applications requiring non-slip or soft surfaces. They have a realistic rubber or silicon feel, and can be stretched to fit onto other parts. Tango Grey has a slightly stiffer feel than Tango Black.

Ideal for footwear, rubber surrounds, artistic modelling, and over-moulding.

High Temperature – Helios FullCure RGD525

This material is for advanced functional testing, providing high-definition parts requiring excellent surface quality.

Ideal for thermal testing of static parts, art work, exhibition modelling under strong lighting conditions, taps, pipes, and household appliances. You can paint, glue and metal plate this material.

Bio-compatible – Med610

This material is ideal for rapidly creating medical and dental prototypes, including applications requiring prolonged skin contact of more than 30 days, and short-term mucosal-membrane contact of up to 24 hours.

The material has five medical approvals: cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, delayed type hypersensitivity, irritation and USP plastic class VI.

Essential to our service is clear communication, a fast 1-2 day turnaround and a desire to help you achieve success.

Essential to our service is clear communication, a fast 1-2 day
turnaround and a desire to help you achieve success.