I begin with an idea,

And then it becomes something else

— Pablo Picasso


So you have chosen your design or designed your own product, and now have an Stl 3d printable file ready to go.

Automatic Upload

We will check your file and provide you with an instant quote, based on our ‘regular’ material, Rigur RGD450. If there are any minor errors we will fix them for you. If we find larger errors we will get in touch to help you find a solution.

Manual Upload

If you do not wish to use the automated system or you would like to enquire about the specialist materials, you can upload your file manually for us to assess and quote.


We’re ready to print! Your design is sent to our printer and the creation process begins. This is where your idea comes to life, one layer at a time.

Post processing

There is no need to add in any extra time and costs for polishing, filling, sanding and smoothing. Our printer prints so finely you will not have any lines or roughness. Our resin prints accept off-the-shelf acrylic paints and lacquers.

More about the painting process